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Today’s aerial applicators have a clear choice when it comes to agricultural aircraft. Only Air Tractor offers the widest range of aircraft to fit any operation, from small to large. Air Tractor's commitment to making their aircraft better – for the pilot, the operator, the industry, and the environment – makes it the best choice around.

The Benefits of Aerial Application:

•  Quick and timely application - Aerial application is often the quickest way to protect your crops from the threat of disease or pests. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide prompt and effective service, especially when time is of the essence. 

•  No yield loss due to tracks - Hiring an airplane prevents tramping and unnecessary damage to your valuable crop. The extra height above the canopy allows for more uniform application, and prevents misses created by tires or booms bouncing over uneven terrain. Try our tramping calculator to determine your losses. 

•  No direct contact prevents spreading of disease - No wheel tracks protects your crops from further disease being introduced by broken plants. With club root on the rise, protect your hard earned acres by hiring a plane. 

•  No soil compaction - As time has gone, and technology has changed, the weight of equipment has drastically increased. Prevent compaction and further loss by keeping the ground soft for your crop. 

•  Not affected by wet soil condition - Avoid creating unsightly and uncomfortable ruts that you're forced to combine over and contend with the next season.

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